Bundle of Goodness with PINEAPPLE TARTS SG

Do you love the liveliness of Chinese New Year, house visitings , gatherings and all your goodies ?

Well i personally do! And CNY Feasting has started early this year. This time, i have been endulging in the goodies from this Bakery called : 《Pineapple Tarts Singapore 》


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▪︎Bundle of 8 Assortment▪︎

☆ Melt in Your Mouth Pineapple Tarts : wrapped with the usual butter crumbly pastry. Although personally felt it could be a little more moist but the Pineapple fillings is really smooth , soothing and not sour at all . This is what pineapple fillings in pineapple tarts should be!

▪︎Pineapple Tarts▪︎

☆ Snow White Kueh Bangkit : comes in a simple floral pattern . Soft and powdery and melts in my mouth . Love this and reminds me on the mini white balls from WANG WANG (AKA 旺旺 ) which kids my generation often sneaked into class. Mouth-melting , milky and powdery texture. A light cookie to munch on.

▪︎Kueh Bangkit▪︎

☆Xing Fu Almond Cookies : this is pretty classic too . Crumbly and moist with a nice amount of nuts within. This has a strong and pleasant almond fragrance at a bite. A nice cookie to have during CNY! Personally loved this the most for it brings backs childhood memories , if you are born in the 1980s, perhaps you would like it like how i do. Nontheless, will still highly recommend this !

▪︎Almond Cookies▪︎

☆ Salted Egg Crabsticks : love the crabsticks during CNY! Crunchy , addictive and similar to keropok. This one is with salted egg seasoning which makes it even more addictive. It is fresh and crunchy. This can get a tad oily but it would be perfect with a can of Soda .

▪︎Salted Egg Crabsticks▪︎

☆ Almond Brittles : this is a slice of cookie crisps topped with lots of almond nuts and caramel. Very crispy and slightly sweet. Great if you love almonds!

▪︎Almond Brittles▪︎

☆ Yin Yang Charcoal Love Letters : this one is very presentable . Light and crispy layers in a triangular shape, just like a mini pizza . You can have a taste of 2 types at once. Both actually taste pretty similar but i felt the black coloured one a little more dry with a tinge of smokiness (can’t think of a closer description) Pretty unique too.

▪︎Yin Yang Charcoal Love Letters▪︎

☆ Chicken Floss Love Letters : this one is a big roll of love letter with chicken floss within it . It has a tinge of the chicken floss flavour. But due to the looseness of chicken floss, it tends to fall through the gaps to the middle. But the love letters as usual is thin and lightly crisps. A good change from the original one

▪︎Chicken Floss Love Letters▪︎

☆ Mei Man Vegan Almond Cookies : Pretty similar to the original almond cookies , just that it tasted lighter and has a slightly more dry texture. It still has that almond fragrance. Definitely a healthier choice for all and great especially if you are a vegan .

▪︎Vegan Almond Cookies▪︎

If you are looking for a fusion and diversified flavour of pineaple tarts and cookies in a fusion way, then this is definitely a bakery you should consider. They have very unique flavours and even have options for vegans.

I think it is very thoughtful of bakers to have such a wholistic variation of goodies so everyone can endulge in it during CNY.

Afterall, I feel that good food should be shared with everyone irregardless of diets , religion and race right .

Once again, thanks to 《Pineapple Tarts SG》for having me .

✔Price: Avg S$15 – S$25/Bottle

✔Early Bird Promotion: up to 40% off all orders by 15 January 2021

✔ Personal Rating : 3.5/5.0

Do check them out at their website for more details: https://pineappletarts.sg/

Cheers !


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