Bagel Day

Sandwiches are very common and easy to make meals at home. All you need is just 2 slices of bread , clip whatever you like in between and there you have a sandwich suited to your tastebuds.

So I decided to explore something different. I am always feeling tired or hope for sweatless meals so sometimes i have to crack my brains for a simple yet tasty meal idea at home. Finally , bagels came into my mind while i was scrolling grab food and a Bagel-wich creation came to my mind.


I seldom eat bagels , so i bought a bagel from Starbucks and did my very own luncheon & Egg Bagel-wich and added on some baked potato strips lightly seasoned with salt and olive oil. A great substitute for french fries at home .

Bagels have a pretty tough texture , but if you like such toughness and chew then this is probably a meal you would appreciate too.

▪︎Cross Section▪︎

Heated up the bagels , panfried egg and luncheon and had one meal is settled. To me, luncheon & eggs are definitely one of the best combinations in a meal. Something different, simple yet affordable for me.

Working From Home has definitely brought out the chef potential in many of us and perhaps even brought many foodies closer.



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