Belly Fortunate at WANG LAI BAKERY

CNY also means loads of visiting and endulging in goodies ! Every year, the classic love letters, cookies , chips and pineapple tarts are definitely something we all can’t miss in almost every household we visit. But 2021’s CNY is likely going to be quieter because we are only allowed to have up to 8 visitors in a household. For a family with almost 60pax like mine, a gathering is definitely not possible .

BUT hey ~ this isn’t stopping me from endulging in CNY goodies ! 🤣🤣 i am thankful to《WANG LAI BAKERY》for letting their goodies visit me . No people visiting but goodies visiting is great too !

This is a bakery that allows you to do sampling or self collection at their physical store or online delivery . Do a purchase of more than S$100 and you will be blessed with a free delivery right to your door step !


▪︎ Video Tour▪︎

✔ Pineapple Tarts @ S$19.90 : Personally loved this. Its pineapple mix is wrapped within its buttery , soft & crumbly pastry . Similar to the one above but this one does not have the sour taste in the pineapple mix and the pastry is buttery and fragrant! Just the way i loved it. Highly recommended! APPROVED !

▪︎Cross section of Pineapple Tart▪︎

✔ Open Face Pineapple Tarts @ S$19.90: this tart has the pineapple mix sitted on top of its tart. Pineapple is soothing with a tinge of sourness and their tart crust is the traditional type with the powdery crumbly texture. Have it together and it gives you two distinct flavours yet complementing well .

▪︎Cross section of open face pineapple tart▪︎

✔ Premium Love Letters @ S$14.90 : ask anyone which goodie they like i many will say love letters! This is the triangular type of love letters. Crispy, and brittle and because of its triangular style folded love letters from within, it gives you that extra crunch from the layerings. I would say this is a light and perhaps one of the healthier yet dangerously addictive CNY Goodies.

▪︎Cross section of love letters▪︎

✔ Premium Crispy Cuttlefish @ S$15.90: this is actually my first time eating it and it is delicious and crispy addictive. Imagine it to be chips rolled up . Its thin layers with a pretty strong cuttlefish after taste. I don’t really like dried cuttlefish but this one APPROVED ! Highly recommended if you love cuttlefish.

▪︎Cross section of cuttlefish crisps▪︎

✔ Premium Prawn Rolls @ S$14.90: this is our classic Hae Bee Hiam wrap in mini wraps and deep fried till crisp. This one is delicious. Unlike those i often come across, the spice level is right on point and not too biting or choking. The hae bee hiam is loose and crumbly. One bite and you will enjoy the crisps through the layers and fillings. Dangerously addictive too!

▪︎Cross section of Crispy Prawn Roll▪︎

✔ Premium Arrowhead Chips @ S$13.90 : have always loved arrowhead chips. It is extremely thin and crisp. But be prepared for that natural tinge of bitterness which is part of it. I love this one especially because it has enough SALT ! Arrowhead chips i often get is always a little disappointing because there is not enough salt in it. This is also healthier choice compared to our usual potato chips . If you love arrowhead chips, this is definitely a MUST-HAVE !

▪︎lightly salted Arrowhead Chips▪︎

✔ Almond Cookies @ S$16.90 : this one just crumbles and melts in your mouth ! It has that strong nutty almond flavour and after taste and generous amounts of mini nuts within the cookie. Not too sweet and very powdery. It reminds me of sugee cookie and i love it!

▪︎Cross Section for Almond Cookies▪︎

They are having a early birds promotion till end of January 2021 so do check them up at their website for more information :

Thanks Wang Lai Bakery for having me!

✔ Avg Personal Rating : 4.3/5.0



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