Eat Healthy , Cook Easily …

As a foodie and someone who loves exploring new recipes and dishes in my kitchen , there are also days that energy just runs low…

So I always believe in cooking the best out of the most basic ingredients and seasonings to meet our household budget and reduce “MSG” …

This dish is another easy recipe. So here goes :-

1) pork belly slices (approx 300g)

2) sauteed broccoli

3) 1 brastagi potato , sliced

4) cherry tomatoes , as decoration

Pour some olive oil and salt on to the baking tray for taste and place all the ingredients nicely. Place them into the oven at approx 195 degrees for about 35 mins, or baked until cooked.

It’s healthy and easy to cook without being physically present in the kitchen. Weekday lunches settled itself in the oven and kitchen kept clean. This is what I would call “cheat meals”…

Such meals definitely reduced our food delivery expenses to the minimum . What’s best is we eat healthy, save money and final washing of dishes is reduced too!

Do consider investing in an oven , it’s definitely a buy you will never regret. Best in my house at least πŸ™‚

Mine is an old model of Tefal’s standalone oven which was a display set at a clearance sale at Harvey Norman (a tip to reduce cost if on a tight budget).

It has functions like grilling, baking and convection cooking. Bought it at a good deal for about S$350 . In gist, an average price of a brand new oven 3 years with similar functions easily cost at least another S$100 or more (brands may differ too). If you want an additional steaming & microwave function it could also cost approximately S$100+ more and if you look at even more established brands/models , the price could easily reach S$650 to S$700. The best brands, latest models and a complete set functions could cost up to about S$1000 to S$1500.

If you could have the best, it would definitely be great ! But if you are on a budget like myself, could consider my approach of purchase. It may not be applicable for all brands and models , so do keep an open mind too .

It wasn’t easy to keep within budget and almost had to forgo the purchase for a moment, but I’m glad we purchased it in the end.

Definitely a good purchase and never felt happier using it eversince Covid-19 when staying at home and meals /convenience became a priority for working adults like us, especially on weekdays.

Thankful for the oven πŸ˜€

Cheers !


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