Korean Potato Pancakes (AKA Gamjajeon)

If you love potatoes and anything savoury yet crispy , then you are just like me …

This is one of my favourite recipes because it’s delicious, addictive with ingredients easily found and not too complicated to make at home .

Just one bite of this piece of goodness freshly cooked off the oil is simply perfect for a foodie.

So ingredients are similar to a rosti except that it doesn’t need eggs and it requires flour . So here goes :

– Ingredients used :

1) 2 Brastagi /Russet Potatoes, mashed and dried without excess water. (Washed and soaked in cool water for 20mins)

2) 1 Big Onion, chopped and dried. (Optional but recommended to use as it blends in very well with potatoes)

3) 1 Tablespoon all-purpose Flour, sieved

4) 1 Tsp fine salt , seived ( you can add more if you want it more salty).

5) mix them all up evenly together.

– Step-By-Step :

1) Heat up the frying pan with oil on medium heat.

2) Add in mixture to your preferred size and pan-fried to crisp or golden brown.

3) Flip the potato pancake to the other side and continue on low fire until crisp or golden brown.

4) After frying, leave the potato pancakes to air for about 5mins .

This recipe will give you about 5 Potato Pancakes, good for approx 2-3 pax, depending on your appetite. But I love them so much that I can eat about 2- 3 potato pancakes alone, a little too much but it’s just irresistible 😀

Korean Pancakes are just love!

It is tasty, addictive and economical.

So Korean Potato Pancake is just the right type of recipe for you if you wish for something different from the usual Chinese food and at the same time want to keep your ingredient cost low.

Having Korean potato pancakes as my main meal, it goes well with any side dishes. Mine went well with baked brinjals strips, pork belly and some cherry tomatoes.

And there we have, another meal in our hungry belly.

Hope you guys enjoy this dish as much as I did.

Cheers !


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