Tea Break

Nowadays, we get very tensed up and caught up in our everyday lives. Racing against time of our clients , bosses , project teams and work progress just so that we can remain competitive and valued for whichever industry and job we are in.

After spending so much time for our career and family commitments, how much time then do we have left for ourselves to calm down and reconnect with ourselves ?

As we try to keep up with the fast living pace , many of us tend to get mentally drained out, lose the mental stamina and even sacrifice on sleep. Worse, start to have sleeping disorders like insomnia.

So here I wish to just encourage whoever who is keen out there to try this Anti-Acid Tea which has a calming effect and other health benefits from ‘Red Sun’. It is a tea with no caffeine and helps to relax . It is sugarless with a smooth and pleasant taste.

Personally have problem sleeping and I have tried this tea for some time now and it did improve my situation gradually though it isn’t the 100% cure. I begin to have better quality sleeps and feel more relaxed as compared to those days that I skipped drinking the tea. It is made from Japan and it can be bought from NTUC , Cold Storage or even from the official link : < https://www.redsunproducts.com >

Below is the tea that I bought from NTUC finest which come in a box of 20 Satchets but you can also find it at Cold Storage at about S$5.50/box .

This is based on my personal experience and just wanted to share this to all of you who perhaps like me, who lack of quality sleep or have difficulty relaxing the active mind.

Nothing beats having a good quality sleep at night and I would do anything for it.

Hope this helps all of you struggling to sleep at night..



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