Bento for the Busy Bees

I have been to Japan a few times and their bento never fails to work up my appetite at anytime of the day.

Being couped up at home nowadays, I have started to explore ways to prepare simple , fast and appetizing Japanese Bento.

So this is my first attempt of bento. It’s easy to prepare and takes about 30mins to prepare.

The unique trait about Japanese bento is that it is very colourful, pleasant and has many mini side dishes to complement the main dish.

My sauteed lettuce, carrots and potatoes lightly stir fried. Pasta heated up and sushi rice balls . Chicken wings and pumpkin baked for 20mins with omelette cooked in 5mins.

No complicated seasonings used for the entire bento. Just cooking oil , honey and salt.

Here we have , a bento all done and ready to be eaten !

Cheers 🙂


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