Gnocchi for the Hungry Belly

It’s not easy to find delicious pasta in Singapore unless you go to Italian restaurants or the higher end cafe which serves delicious Gnocchi like Antoinette which serves a plate of pasta or other meals at an average of S$20 to S$25 per pax.

The first time I had my first plate of Gnocchi was at Antoinette at the Lavender branch a few years back which was unforgettable when I tasted the bits of potato within each mini Gnocchi.

During this circuit breaker, I decided to start learning new recipes and this was definitely on my checklist.

I have always believed in learning recipes with the basic ingredients which can be easily found no matter where I go. Gnocchi Dough needs potatoes , flour , eggs and salt.

Recipe below :

1) 600g of skinless brastagi / russet potatoes boiled and mashed up

2) 1 1/2 or 2 beaten eggs, depending on the size of the egg. You can add in 1 1/2 beaten eggs first and if too dry, slowly add in the remaining.

3) 200g of All-Purpose Flour , seived

4) 1/2 Tsp fine Salt , seived

5) 1 Tbsp olive oil

Pour the flour like a mount and create a hole at the middle of the mount of flour (eg: volcano like).

Slowly pour the beaten eggs in the middle and mix in the flour from the sides.

Thereafter, add in the remaining ingredients and mix until crumbly . Then use your hands and kneed it into dough. The dough should be smooth, moist and yet firm.

Wrap the dough with a cling wrap and put in the refrigerator for about 20minutes. But do note that the dough will produce water in the refrigerator.

20 minutes later, take the dough out and you are free to roll the dough into any shape you like.

Gnocchi taste good when it’s soft. And there are many ways of cooking Gnocchi, like other types of pasta.

First style would be stir frying the Gnocchi in butter ( or Olive Oil) with my favourite assorted mushrooms .

The second style is the most basic Gnocchi stir fried with butter with omelette and cherry tomatoes.

The great thing about cooking is that you get to cook with all your favourite ingredients.

I believe in cooking my dishes tasty yet simple , thus my cooking only uses the basic condiments. No complicated seasonings or sauces. Just the usual oil / butter and salt. as a base and I’ll let the ingredients do the rest of job on the fire .

Have fun ! 😀


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