French Origins


I have been to France 5 years ago and it was definitely a milestone trip for my family and I . Saved up for 5 years to be able to experience the whole new french culture.

France to me , is a city of romance , music and dance which is the kind of culture i love. Relaxed , musical and just full of joy! Alfresco dining is part of their culture too. Also popular for their pastries and sweets , i would definitely love to have it everyday .

Recently came across a really simple recipe of french cakes. Financiers we often call those mini classic french cakes , nothing glamorous but definitely a delightful snack. They are actually small long-ish cakes lightly sweet and goes really well with the unsweetened english tea. Definitely a great tea time snack.

Recipe is really one of the easier ones i have seen and the main ingredients are 85g almond flour, 25g all-purpose flour , 3 egg whites , 100g icing sugar (reduced sweetness) and 100g butter melted to brown. Mix them all together and fill them into baking moulds and they are good to bake in a preheated oven of 180 – 200deg. You may adjust the proportion of almond flour if you prefer a stronger almond flavour.

I would say this makes a nice and light breakfast and snack since it is pretty small and easy to carry around. I just love this recipe for a simple yet delicious tea cake.

I modified the recipe by adding matcha powder and chocolate chips too. Kind of fusion tea cake with the concept of financier cakes . It still makes a good cake nontheless .

Do you love french cakes / financiers too?

Cheers !


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