Game for a Chocolatey Day 🍫🍫

Hi there !

Recently went to test out a new cookie recipe , THE “Milo chocolate chip brownie soft cookies” and it was pretty successful . I would say it is a fusion between the original brownies we see outside and the cookies.

The Milo chocolate chip brownie cookies are moist like brownies yet a little crispy because it is thin like biscuits and it turned out pretty much the way I wanted.

Here’s how the final product looks like…

So here’s the recipe for sharing :

1) 1/2 cup butter (Lurpak or SCS brand would be good.)

2) 1/2 cup brown sugar

3) 1/4 cup granulated sugar

4) 1/2 Tsp vanilla extract ( optional )

5) 1 whole egg (approx’ 70g)

6) 1/2 cup Milo powder (Nestle brand) , but if you wish to add more, you may do so.

Whisk mix (1) to (6) to form Mixture A.

7) 1/2 to 3/4 cup all-purpose flour

(Suggest you start with 1/2 cup and progressively add more if you find the mix too wet)

8) 1/2 Tsp baking powder

9) 1/4 Tsp salt

10) 6 Oz Hershey’s semi sweet chocolate chips (approx 170g)

Mix (7) to (10) Evenly and add to Mixture A to form Mixture B.

Once ready, preheat the oven at 190 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes and you can place the Mixture B onto the baking tray.

Bake for about 20-30minutes or until hardens and turns crispy. Take it out of the oven to air 20minutes. If it is still abit soft and you wish to be a little more crispy, then put it back into the oven for the 2nd time and let it bake for another 5 – 10minutes or until crispy to your liking . Once done, take it out of the oven and let it cool down and air for about 20minutes before packing them up.

If you want it to be less sweet, feel free to reduce the sugar in the process, because Milo powder is already a little on the sweet side.

Hope you will enjoy baking your brownie cookies and satisfy your sweet cravings .

Cheers !


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